The 15-second Book Summary: The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck

According to the author, finding something meaningful to give a f*ck about is the key to happiness. This doesn’t mean giving a f*ck about as many things as possible but rather less things. Not giving a f*ck doesn’t mean being apathetic, but instead focusing your energy towards things that matter. Once we embrace our fears we can begin determining what things really matter. Until then, fear, anxiety, nervousness, uncertainties will rule our lives.

My Notes: The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck

This book isn’t a step-by-step to positivity or a traditional motivation book. It helps you to give yourself an honest assessment. The first chapter by itself is a must read due to its vulgar but hilarious nature. I found myself laughing out loud as I was reading it. As the book progresses the topics start to become more serious and move a little way from the slight immature nature that is the first chapter. Below are passages from the book and notes that I wrote down while reading the book.
  • When you don’t give a f*ck that doesn’t mean you are indifferent or apathetic, it means you have accepted the fact of being just a little bit different. That is ok.
  • We are always going to have problems, issues, and other things in life that aren’t pleasant. The quicker we accept this fact the quicker we can move on to caring about the things that matter. When you care about things that don’t exist, it clouds your mind from what really matters. I do understand this is easier said than done, of course.
  • Many people deny a problem, or that they even have any problems. This will distort their reality in the short term but will lead a lifetime of neuroticism, emotional repression and insecurity.
  • Many individuals believe that if they have a problem or situation that is just completely out of their control, even if that is not the case. These types of individuals have what is known as, ‘victim mentality’. This mentality is a copy out to solving problems because it is easy to pass blame on to others. As with denial, victim mentality will lead to a lifetime of neuroticism, emotional repression and insecurity.
  • “We don’t always control what happens to us. But we always control how we interpret what happens to us, as well as how we respond.”
  • Having negative emotions isn’t a bad thing. That means you are giving a f*ck! A negative motion is essentially a call-to-action. It is your minds way of telling your body that you need to take action to solve this problem.
  • In stead of asking yourself “what do I want out of life” ask yourself “what paint do I want in my life? What am I willing to struggle for?” It is easy to talk about the good things in life, but if you dig deeper you can start to determine what sacrifices or struggles are you will to go through for what really matters. “Happiness requires struggle” and people aren’t willing to struggle, they are, however, in love with the result.
  • “When people measure themselves not by their behavior, but by the status symbols they’re able to collect, then not only are they shallow, but they’re probably assholes as well”
  • Having certainty is the antithesis of growth. You cannot be certain about something until it has already happened. You must be able to accept the inevitable uncertainty. (This is something that I personal struggle with)
  • “Evil people never believe that they are evil; rather, they believe that everyone else is evil.”
  • “The more we admit we do not know, the more opportunities we gain to lear.”
  • Accepting the hard truth that at one point or another in your life, you will be wrong about something. Once you accept this, real change and growth will begin to take place in your life.
  • “In life, we have a limited amount of f*cks to give. So you must choose your f*cks wisely.”
This book does not give a f*ck about your feelings that is exactly why you should read it!